Alla ricerca del segreto di Alice

If you ask someone what they appreciate about Alice, in 90% of cases they will answer: lightness. The secret of this small but great success is in the recipe of the dough, which has remained unchanged for almost 30 years and is characterized by a very small amount of yeast. To prepare our pizza, in fact, we use about 2.5 g of yeast for each kg of dough. This means that with a 25 g cube of brewer’s yeast, which was generally used at home to make 1 or 2 kg of dough, Alice Pizza makes about 10 kg.

To obtain a result so rich in oxygen and therefore very digestible, the dough rises slowly for at least 24 hours at a controlled temperature. A procedure very similar to that of homemade bread. It is then worked by hand and delicately rolled out in a baking pan. Finally it is stuffed and baked at high temperatures for several minutes in the electric oven. The timing varies from baking pan to “pala” and from one seasoning to another seasoning.

The flour we use for this dough has been studied by the master pizza chef Domenico Giovannini and is a mixture of high quality type 0 flours, without additives and added flours, which has its real strength in its elasticity. In the same way, the ingredients are selected for the seasonings with great care, respecting, in the case of fruit and vegetables, the principle of local and Km0 production.