How to Enjoy It

Per strada, a domicilio, al lavoro, con chi vuoi!

Every day a lot of pans are baked on Alice’s stalls. Many different tastes, prepared with seasonal and local ingredients and seasoned with the imagination of our pizzaioli. Each customer can choose which and how much pizza to eat, according to the sales by weight.

What are we talking about? According to the Roman tradition from which pizza by the slice is born, pizza is not offered in slice, or as you may have heard sometimes wrongly, “al trancio”, but cut according to the size of the customer, weighed and eaten. This mode allows everyone to try many different tastes, for a real pizza tasting. A really simple and intuitive concept that leaves the customer free to give vent to his tastes and his hunger!

In addition, pizza by the slice traditionally begins as street food, which is eaten while walking or standing. So even the ways to eat it are many and they adapt to all our needs: directly in the pizzeria, takeaway, at home thanks to delivery. But always and unconditionally with your hands!