The Academy

La nostra scuola per entrare nel mondo della pizza

The real uniqueness of the Alice project compared to other chains in the food market, consists in generating a replicable system through the transmission and sharing of the same “artisan knowledge”. Unlike other realities in fact, where the product is standardized because it is made centrally, Alice’s pizza is prepared, kneaded, stuffed and cooked every day in every pizzeria by the hands of a pizza chef or a pizza maker.

To achieve the goal of a common training, in October 2013 the Alice Academy was founded in Rome, the first training school of the group, where the first phase of the training of aspiring pizza makers takes place. Here the course participants have the opportunity to learn for free the secrets of a profession that has been handed down for almost 30 years and to start using all the necessary tools for the preparation of dough and pizza.

The second phase of the training takes place directly in the pizzeria and lasts about 3 months. In this way the aspiring pizza makers learn in the field how to manage all the phases of the production cycle, from the dough, to the filling, to the baking. At the end of the training period, all the boys and girls who have attended the academy and put their skills into practice can start working independently, without the supervision of an experienced pizza chef.